Treatment of Active Disease

At every check-up we will assess the condition of your gums. We divide the mouth into 6 areas and give a score of (0-4) for each. We will then use these scores to devise a treatment plan for your individual needs.

Periodontal Assessment

Scores of 0

This score indicates healthy gums with no Gingivitis and Tartar deposits that will require no further attention.

Scores of (1-2)

These scores indicate areas of Plaque, Gingivitis and Tartar deposits that will require treatment from our hygienists and review of everyday cleaning regime.

Scores of (3-4)

This scores are the most serious and indicate areas of Periodontal Disease and pockets between the teeth and gums. These area are almost always accompanied by bleeding gums, bad breath, plaque and tartar above and below the gums. In these cases our hygienists will undertake yearly examinations of these areas to assess the condition of the bone and the gums. This will give us an accurate idea of the areas that need the most attention and allow us to monitor any change over time.

Your hygienist will highlight areas of your mouth that require closer attention if necessary. This can range from a change in your day to day routine to further appointments to treat areas of active disease.

Having assessed and advised you on your day to day cleaning regime, when you come back for your maintenance appointment and have your gums reassessed, we would expect to see signs of improvement.

It is important to realise that our professional efforts alone will not work. We can only advise and coach you towards improving your gum health whilst we are happy to provide the services and information that you require, we need your commitment to make the treatment successful.

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