Here is some feedback from EH in Coverack, Cornwall – a patient of Dr Scott Brown here at Meneage Dental – after she had urgent attention for toothache. She required a root canal treatment plus a dental crown, and was extremely pleased with the results.

…the end result is a happy and healthy, pain-free smile which is worth it

Here’s more of the testimonial from EH:


Dr. Scott Brown fitted me in almost immediately after I telephoned to explain the problem.

He took x-rays and manipulated my “hurting” tooth to ease the pain. He identified the problem, provided me with a detailed treatment plan and estimate which would involve four appointments.

With Painkillers and not eating on the side of that tooth, I got through Christmas. It was reassuring however to know that Dr Brown was available if things worsened even during the holiday period.

Obviously before any treatment one is apprehensive but accepting the fact it has to be done is the first step. I knew I had to have root canal treatment and a crown fitted. Dr. Brown explained every stage of the procedure, why it should be done and how he would do it. This was important for me – others may not want to know the minutiae but I did.

You must have trust that the treatment is necessary and will benefit your long term dental health. The first stage was lengthy, quite complicated and costly but the next stages were less in every way. I did not experience any pain after the first appointment or between the further sessions.

I have not had any repercussions which is reassuring as it proves the treatment was necessary.

It is costly but when one takes into account Dr. Browns expertise, the complex machinery. The sophisticated instruments which are discarded after use to avoid possible infections, the end result is a happy and healthy, pain-free smile which is worth it.

Yours sincerely

EH Coverack, Helston


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