Having always looked after my teeth and having since childhood often been complimented on how good they looked I was horrified when, after taking the medication Alendronic Acid for my osteoporosis,  I discovered that its prolonged use had damaged my gums and, in consequence, two of them needed to be removed.

Although the resultant gaps – one top right and the other bottom left – were not immediately obvious unless I smiled broadly, I nonetheless felt unhappy and very aware of them so consulted my dentist Scott Brown to see what could be done to remedy the situation.  He spent a lot of time explaining the various options available – implants, bridges, dentures etc. and what he considered would be most beneficial for me and, more importantly, the overall cost but at no time was I pressurised into having any of the treatments available.

Initially I had considered implants but due to my osteoporosis this was not a viable option so it was suggested that bridges would be the answer.  I did not have to agree there and then and was given time, in my case several months, to decide whether or not to go ahead.

Once I had decided to “go for it” I had a couple more consultations in order for him to take impressions for the new teeth, to match the colour with my existing teeth and for him to explain once again just exactly what was going to happen.  The teeth on either side of the “gaps” were filed down in readiness for supporting the bridges and until they arrived Scott made some temporary caps which were comfortable to wear and actually looked quite good.

A couple of weeks after, I returned to the surgery in order to have the completed bridges fitted.  Once again he took a great deal of time and patience ensuring that they fitted correctly, were comfortable to wear and, that I was completely happy with them.

This procedure proved to be a little uncomfortable at times but as soon as I looked in the mirror I was delighted.  They were indistinguishable from my original teeth, there was absolutely no discomfort and the colour match was fantastic.  On my leaving the surgery I kept smiling broadly at everyone I passed, something I hadn’t been able to do for ages.  It was lovely to have those missing teeth back again and to feel like the old me.

Yes they were expensive but, provision can be made for patients to stagger the cost if necessary and, from my point of view, I think they are worth every penny and would thoroughly recommend Scott and his team to anyone who asked. Thank you Scott you are a star.



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