One of our patients – BP – had been suffering from bite issues and damaged teeth, which had deteriorated over several years. Dr Paul Hogg and his team here at Meneage Dental in Cornwall were able to repair the damage in under a month, and BP was very happy with the results.

Everyone at the practice is very friendly, welcoming and helpful.

Here’s what BP wrote to us:

When I came to Meneage Dental, my teeth were in desperate need of attention.  Years ago I had received treatment to correct a TMJ problem which left me with severe grinding issues, for which I wore a hard plastic mouth guard at night.  Over time, my bite (and my teeth) deteriorated and my front teeth were frequently chipping and beginning to crack.

Dr. Hogg continued to repair the damage, but offered me a permanent solution to the problem.  He was able to correct my bite by eliminating the gaps between my upper and lower teeth by crowning ten of them, from my molars to my incisors.  He took several impressions, creating a model for building up the teeth to create even contact between my upper and lower jaw.

Dr. Hogg and his team were able to complete all this work in only four visits, and in under a month.

I have spent many hours in the dentists’ chair and I can say without reservation that Dr. Hogg and his very able assistants are the most technically skilled professionals I’ve encountered.  It must also be said that the treatment was virtually pain free from start to finish and the new soft mouth guard I’ve been supplied with is a welcome change from my old hard plastic one.

Meneage Dental made the whole treatment possible by arranging a reasonable monthly payment over the next year. Everyone at the practice is very friendly, welcoming and helpful.

I could not be more pleased with the care I received and with the results of my treatment.  I simply cannot stop smiling.



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