Dear Dr Brown

Straightening of my upper teeth

For many, many years I have struggled with the appearance of my upper teeth. My teeth were healthy, a nice colour but over crowded.

Over the years I formed the habit of rubbing my nose or touching my face when speaking to people in an attempt to hide my teeth when I smiled.   I hated having my photograph taken, I felt second class.  This was not just a visual issue for me; this was a huge self-confidence issue.

It was only at the age of 52, yes 52; I was in a position to have something done.  You explained that two teeth would be removed followed by a metal brace being fitted and that the brace would be on for approximately 12-18 months.  You gave clear, encouraging advice but at the end of the day it was my decision. Although my job meant I was in the public eye, I felt a brace was no more embarrassing than my crooked teeth.

The brace felt “a bit of a mouthful” initially but within days I had forgotten it was there.  I attended the surgery once a month for the brace to be adjusted and saw the hygienist who gave good advice on cleaning.  The care I received from all at the surgery was first class.

After 14 months the brace was removed.  The results were far greater than I had even dared to anticipate.  To say I am absolutely thrilled with the results that you have achieved is an understatement.  I don’t believe I am a vain person, but having my teeth straightened was something I have done for me and me only in the hope it would give me a confidence that I have strived for over so many years.  And yes, it most certainly has!

My advice to anyone who is considering this treatment – the brace is on for such a short time compared to life and you are never too old! The treatment from all at the surgery was first class.  The end results are amazing, visually as well as in confidence. Regrets? Yes, just one – and that is I should have had it done years ago!

I felt it to be an excellent investment of both my time and money

Thank you so very much



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