One of our patients, TP in Helston Cornwall completed the Six Month Smiles teeth straightening treatment with dentist Dr Scott Brown here at Meneage Dental. Delighted to find a treatment for overcrowded front teeth without extractions, TP now has a confident smile.

Six Month Smiles Teeth Straightening in Cornwall

My friends and close family cannot believe the difference in my teeth. I would say that it has been worth every penny. I can now smile confidently.

Here’s what TP had to say:


I have recently completed the Six Month Smiles treatment.  Prior to this, for the previous 30 years I had overcrowding of my upper front teeth which caused two of them to protrude forwards quite significantly. This caused me embarrassment when smiling.

I was always told that nothing could be done unless I had major dental work carried out. So I was delighted to read about a treatment that involved moving my teeth without extractions.

When the brace was fitted I was informed that it may be uncomfortable and even cause pain in the following two weeks.  I can honestly say that I did not experience any pain at any time throughout the treatment. I was aware of the brace when eating; therefore I did avoid food that required too much chewing or hard biting, like apples.  I found it was necessary to be vigilant about cleaning my teeth after each meal and I did use the special wax to one or two areas where the wire caused slight rubbing to the gums.

The brace was adjusted every four weeks.  It was amazing to see the straightening starting to happen, even after the first month.

The dentist and nurse carried out the treatment with the utmost patience, professionalism, kindness and enthusiasm.

My entire treatment took just over six months.  I now have straight upper front teeth.  The only thing I have to do is wear a device like a gum-shield at night to prevent the teeth moving back, which is no problem.  I would encourage anyone who has problems with their teeth alignment to discuss this treatment with their dentist.

My friends and close family cannot believe the difference in my teeth.  I would say that it has been worth every penny.  I can now smile confidently.

TP Helston, Cornwall


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