Did you know that between 13% and 39% of dental injuries occur while playing sports.
If you are playing a contact sport or sports with moving objects such as rugby or hockey then a gum shield is a vital part of your sports equipment. It will help prevent injury to your teeth, lips, tongue, and the soft tissues of your mouth.
A gum shield made by your dentist is custom made by making an accurate impression of your mouth and will fit properly and protect your teeth and gums.
For the younger athlete and age dependant, your gum shield may need to be replaced occasionally. If you are still growing your gum shield may become too tight, if this is the case you will need a new one made. It is advisable to take your gum shield with you to your dental appointments so that it can be checked regularly.
Most schools now require you to have a gum shield as part of your PE kit so If you would like more information about getting your son/daughter a custom made gum shield please don’t hesitate to call or pop in to the practice.
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