Oral Hygiene

The most common cause of bad breath is gum disease. This can be easily addressed by regular oral hygiene appointments and a good day to day cleaning regime.

Hygienist Appointments – What will happen?

Each patient will have their oral health reviewed & will discuss with our Hygienists about their day to day cleaning regime. We’ll provide advice about areas that need special attention & provide information that can be taken home or reviewed on the web. There will also be advice about which Membership Scheme would be suitable for maintenance appointments.

We encourage our patients to visit our dedicated hygiene team regularly. These appointments play an important role in helping you maintain your oral health and anticipating problems that may arise.

Oral care programme

Our dental hygienists will work closely with you and your Dentist to provide treatment that is appropriate to your needs and lifestyle. They are also an excellent source of advice on all matters of oral health, including cleaning techniques and diet.

When you visit one of our hygienists, they will clean and polish your teeth, and advise you on how to prevent gum disease, bleeding gums and dental decay.

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