The Mouth Cancer Foundation is holding its brand new 1st UK Mouth Cancer Awareness Day on Wednesday 18th September 2013 and Meneage Dental is pleased to announce that we are taking part.

In 2011 Mouth Cancer Awareness Day was successfully launched in Ireland by the Mouth Cancer Awareness Group and has now come to the UK.

We are offering all our patients and members of the public an opportunity to come to a free walk in clinic on this day between 8.30 -12.30 and 2.30 -5.00. No need to book an appointment and no charge.

The screening itself takes less than 3 minutes, with no discomfort, rinses or dyes. We use a Velscope system, which is an oral health screening device powered by tissue fluorescence visualization technology. It is effective in helping to detect abnormal tissue as well as cancerous and precancerous lesions–including oral cancer.

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For more information about the Velscope System visit

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