Root canal treatment is now not as alarming as was once thought by many people.

It is now a common procedure that will provide a way to save a tooth, which in the past would have been extracted.

Why Root canal?

If the pulp in the root of the tooth becomes infected, due to decay or damage through injury, it needs to be removed, if it isn’t you run the risk of the root canal system becoming infected and an abscess forming. This in itself can been extremely painful and without treatment can possibly damage the bone surrounding your tooth. If you don’t have treatment, then you will most certainly need to have the tooth extracted.

What is Root canal?

It is a treatment that involves removing the infected pulp and then filling the root canals.

The process involves numbing the area around the tooth, just like we do if you need a filling. We will then remove the infected pulp and fill the root with a special filling material which will help to stop any problems that may occur in the future.

You may find that in some cases the tooth is weakened by this procedure and will, in some cases, a crown maybe required on the tooth to provide extra strength.

If you have any questions or concerns about root canal treatments, please don’t hesitate to call the practice or pop in and see us.

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