Do you wake up with a sore or aching Jaw each morning or suffer from a dull constant headache every time you wake up?
One factor could be that you are grinding your teeth at night. You might not be aware of this until you are told by the person you are keeping awake at night with the noise!!!!
Other symptoms are a sore jaw, tooth sensitivity to hot and cold, sore and inflamed gums and possibly small cuts on the inside of your cheeks where you have been catching the side of your mouth while grinding your teeth
Nearly everyone at some point will grind or clench their teeth, but if this is occurring on a regular basis it can become a problem. It can cause tooth ache, which is very painful in itself, but also can cause you to fracture your teeth.
Still not sure if you are grinding your teeth? Book or ask at your next appointment for one of our dentists to examine your mouth so we can help and give you a solution to your problem. .We can make and fit a custom made mouthguard for you to wear at night, so you and everyone around you will get a good nights sleep without the worry of you waking up in pain or causing damage to your teeth.

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