In need of a tooth replacement, AL from Truro in Cornwall was recommended a dental implant by one of our dentists here at Meneage.

“I am delighted with the result” “… I would recommend considering dental implants…”

Clearly very happy with the results, here’s what AL had to say after the treatment was completed:


My upper right five was slowly getting beyond repair and being fairly near the front was going to leave a noticeable gap if removed altogether. The root was in good condition but too small for a crown to be supported. It was suggested I could have an implant as this would also support the adjacent tooth, which is in a shaky state, food for thought!

I was given a description of what this would entail over a period of about 5 months from the extraction to the implant crown being in place and decided to proceed. I did have cold feet again after the tooth had been removed, but after a chat with Caroline (hygienist) felt reassured about the process.

Around 6 weeks after the extraction the titanium implant stage was undertaken when the socket and gum had healed and was comfortable. This involved a long session (90 minutes approx), but I was kept out of pain with local anaesthetic and a running commentary of the procedure, and then x-rays to check the position of the implant. That part was not nearly as bad as I anticipated and I was advised to take painkillers before the local wore off and then continued with those as needed. After 48 hours, the pain had settled completely and I was able to eat more comfortably. The ends of the stitches were the only aggravation and I was glad when they went.

During the next few weeks my mouth felt more normal and I could even eat on the affected side. The silver cap was good protection for the implant even if there was still a gap in my teeth.

At the next appointment I had bone density tests to assess that the implant was secure in my jawbone and able to continue to the final stage, and that my oral hygiene was up to scratch. That hurdle over and impressions were made for my new tooth, which would take 2 weeks.

The implant crown was fitted and it was good to be able to smile without a gap, (vanity). It felt a little strange at first as there had been no tooth for quite a while and it was needing to fit in, but that lasted a very short time and I could chew normally on things like nuts and other things that I had been afraid to try for some time!

Was it worth it?

Certainly from a cosmetic point of view, but more than that is the ability to chew normally again – and that is better for my digestion as well.

Also, the potential of the adjacent tooth is hopefully cost effective too.

I am delighted with the result.

It was a long haul, but I would recommend considering dental implants if advised.

AL, Truro in Cornwall

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