One of our patients, DT, needed dental crowns to address some general wearing down of his teeth over the years. He was wary of the dentist following negative experiences as a child, but he needn’t have been. He was helped by Dr Scott Brown here at Meneage Dental – and was more than happy with service, and the results.

The treatment I received was first class…. I cannot recommend Scott more highly!


Here’s more of what DT had to say…

The problem I faced initially, due to a strong bite and a general wearing down of my teeth over the years, was that it became necessary to readjust my bite by crowning my top front teeth.

By carrying out this work the aim was to ‘build up’ these teeth to much their original size and at the same time reduce the pressure/wear on my other teeth.

Having experienced some unpleasant visits to the dentist as a child, undergoing this treatment was of much concern in itself, let alone the worry of how alien my mouth would feel afterwards and for how long.

In order to carry out this work, moulds had to be taken of my teeth, followed by two fairly lengthy appointments to reduce the teeth in question in readiness for the crowns.

I should also mention that it was of great concern to me that once the treatment process began it could not be reversed if I was unhappy in any way.

The treatment I received was first class. I was not rushed in any way regarding my decision making, and during treatment everything was explained thoroughly and every care taken. I cannot recommend Scott more highly!

Scott had forewarned me that on completion of the work it could take a couple of months before my teeth felt completely normal. In fact, it was barely more than a week!

And, my new teeth looked fantastic and as one would expect ‘real teeth’ to look like. My wife even approved!!

In short, I would recommend Scott to anyone requiring undergoing this treatment. Empathetic, patient and professional. The cost was not inexpensive but I believe to be a good investment, as it should reduce a variety of problems/expense for a considerable period.

Thank you Scott, and Meneage Dental!



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