Training day looking at the future of dentistry

On Friday 19th of September, Paul, Sarah and Janine were out of the practice enjoying a great day hosted by Devon Independent Dental Group at the Holiday Inn in Plymouth. Well worth the early start to get there and meeting old and new friends. There was no time for any retail therapy as this was a day of learning, with lectures by Kevin Lewis looking at the future of Dentistry ( something to really get your teeth into!!). A serving dentist for 30 years and author of two textbooks on dental practice management, Kevin Lewis lectures all over the world. He is well known and well respected for his views on dental politics and can cast a wise and witty look at the future for UK dentistry. We look forward putting into practice some of the new ideas we came away with. All enquiries 01326...

Protect your teeth while playing sports

Did you know that between 13% and 39% of dental injuries occur while playing sports. If you are playing a contact sport or sports with moving objects such as rugby or hockey then a gum shield is a vital part of your sports equipment. It will help prevent injury to your teeth, lips, tongue, and the soft tissues of your mouth. A gum shield made by your dentist is custom made by making an accurate impression of your mouth and will fit properly and protect your teeth and gums. For the younger athlete and age dependant, your gum shield may need to be replaced occasionally. If you are still growing your gum shield may become too tight, if this is the case you will need a new one made. It is advisable to take your gum shield with you to your dental appointments so that it can be checked regularly. Most schools now require you to have a gum shield as part of your PE kit so If you would like more information about getting your son/daughter a custom made gum shield please don’t hesitate to call or pop in to the practice. Telephone 01326 574006...

Getting to the Root of the cause at Meneage Dental Care. Helston

Root canal treatment is now not as alarming as was once thought by many people. It is now a common procedure that will provide a way to save a tooth, which in the past would have been extracted. Why Root canal? If the pulp in the root of the tooth becomes infected, due to decay or damage through injury, it needs to be removed, if it isn’t you run the risk of the root canal system becoming infected and an abscess forming. This in itself can been extremely painful and without treatment can possibly damage the bone surrounding your tooth. If you don’t have treatment, then you will most certainly need to have the tooth extracted. What is Root canal? It is a treatment that involves removing the infected pulp and then filling the root canals. The process involves numbing the area around the tooth, just like we do if you need a filling. We will then remove the infected pulp and fill the root with a special filling material which will help to stop any problems that may occur in the future. You may find that in some cases the tooth is weakened by this procedure and will, in some cases, a crown maybe required on the tooth to provide extra strength. If you have any questions or concerns about root canal treatments, please don’t hesitate to call the practice or pop in and see us....

Tooth grinding and headaches

Tooth grinding and headaches If you grind your teeth and clench your jaws together it has been suggested that this can act as a trigger for headaches, particularly tension type headaches and even migraine. You may be grinding your teeth at night and not even be aware that you are doing it. What can I do to help stop this happening? Some people who suffer with headaches can wear a mouthguard to try and reduce their teeth grinding and jaw tension. A mouthguard is a small plastic covering which fits over either your upper or lower teeth. For people who use these because of headaches or migraine, the mouthguard is made of soft plastic and is usually worn just at night. It separates your teeth which allows your jaw to find the most comfortable position and helps to prevent common night time habits such as grinding your teeth and clenching the jaw. How do I know if I would benefit from a mouthguard? Do you suffer from any of the following wake up with a tired aching or stiff jaw wake up with a headache or migraine experience pain behind your eyes experience sinus pains experience pain in your neck or shoulders There can of course be other reasons that you experience these symptoms and you should visit your doctor first to rule out other causes. Where would I get an Mouthguard The mouthguard needs to be measured and fitted accurately so that when you bite on it all your teeth meet at exactly the same time in a position where your muscles are relaxed. You will therefore need...
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