Show your pearly whites this Christmas with our special half price offer on tooth whitening.

From now until the 25th of December we are offering you the chance to have a tooth whitening treatment for half price, £160 instead of £320. This includes your whitening trays and 4x whitening gels which should last at least 16 upper and lower applications.

Your whitening trays should last a long time provided you look after them properly, so you can top up your whitening whenever you feel the need for your smiles to be a little brighter, this means you are investing in a long term treatment, not just a one off. Extra gels can be purchased at the practice when needed.

Everything you need to show off your stunning smile this Christmas. We are also offering gift cards this year, so you can treat someone to a treatment.

Tooth whitening is a highly effective way of lightening the colour of your teeth and vastly improving the quality of your smile. Very few of us have white teeth, some have a yellow tinge and some are more beige. Teeth can also become stained over time due to foods and drink, such as coffee, red wine and tea – whitening can lift the colour without damaging or removing any of the tooth surface.

Within days teeth can look whiter and smiles become bigger, helping to give a much more youthful appearance and help in building confidence.

If you would like more information or to book a consultation please call or pop in to the practice.

01326 574006

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