Tooth Repair with Dental Crowns – Patient Feedback

One of our patients had been suffering from bite issues and damaged teeth, which had deteriorated over several years. Dr Paul Hogg and his team here at Meneage Dental in Cornwall were able to repair the damage in under a month – our patient was very happy with the results…

Replacement Crowns – Before and After Photos

If you need replacement crowns for one or more teeth and are based in Cornwall, Meneage Dental in Helston have decades of combined experience. This patient was unhappy with the appearance of old tooth crowns. The Treatment Plan Whitening of existing teeth (whitening doesn’t change the colour of crowns) this can take up to 2 months. Study models are made, then teeth crown shapes are made in wax on the models, so that the patient can preview what can be achieved. Replacement of crowns with changing the shape, colour and position of front teeth. These are made of highly aesthetic full ceramic crowns (no metal).   These are the before and after photos – what a difference!   The patient was extremely happy with the results and the treatment received from Dr Cramer and her team!   Learn more about Tooth Crowns  Contact Us at Meneage...
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